Vendor Registration


All vendors who are interested in doing business with the City of Flagstaff should register with the Purchasing Division. One may register by downloading, completing, and submitting a Vendor Registration form.


The vendor application process is designed with two phases. Failure to complete any of the required information may result in your omission from the vendor lists.

Part I

Part I provides the City with the required information about your business and your selected commodities and service. It is important that you check only those categories you can currently provide. Three-digit classes 005 through 898 list commodities, while all 900 classes are services.

Part II

Part II of the process is mailed after Part I is received by the City. This form provides a detailed listing of subcategories from the commodities categories you selected in Part I. Part II of the process enables the City to direct bid information of those specific commodities / services of interest to you.

Please note: Part II of the process must be completed and returned to the City to ensure you will receive bid information. You may add or delete categories of commodities / services at any time by submitting an updated application.

Once your completed application has been received and approved, your company will be assigned a vendor number and placed on the vendor's list that will reference the products or services you are authorized to provide. Vendors are also encouraged to sign up for electronic bid notifications by subscribing to New Bid Notifications.

Additional Information

  • A vendor who fails to respond to three invitations for bids, requests for proposals, or quotations may be removed from the vendor list for that service or commodity. If a vendor does not wish to submit a bid or quotation, the vendor needs to notify Purchasing that they are submitting a no bid response with an explanation in order to remain on the vendor list.
  • It is the responsibility of the vendor to notify the City of Flagstaff Purchasing Division immediately of any changes to your Vendor Application. This includes change of name, address or telephone number, changes in personnel listed on this application, and addition or deletion of items you are interested in providing.
  • The City's receipt and processing of your application is not a guarantee that you will receive all bid invitations. You may check periodically with the Purchasing Office for bids in process by calling 928-213-2206 or visiting Bid Opportunities. Bids are also advertised in the Arizona Daily Sun.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.