Evidence / Property Section


The Evidence Section is responsible for maintaining the integrity of evidence and chain of custody of all property that comes into possession in accordance with state laws, city ordinances and departmental policies and procedures.

Under the direction of the Evidence Supervisor, Evidence personnel are responsible for receiving, storing, releasing and maintaining security of a wide variety of items. Biological items are stored in cold storage for future analysis. Property received by the Evidence Section includes but is not limited to:

  • Bikes
  • Blood samples
  • Cash
  • Guns and various weapons
  • Jewelry
  • Narcotics
  • Urine samples
  • Vehicles
  • Other evidence related to assaults, homicides and other crimes

Pick Up Items

Evidence may be picked up at the Police Department with the proper approval from the assigned case officer. You may call to find out the status of your property. Some items are stored off-site and appointments are necessary to pick up property. When claiming property a current, government-issued, picture identification and case number involving the items you wish to claim are required. If somebody is picking up property for you, you must provide a notarized letter naming the individual you are authorizing to claim the property.

Please contact one of the following to make arrangements/appointments to pick up property:

A. Eberhardt (928) 679-4030     aeberhardt@coconino.az.gov 

A. Pineda (928) 679-4089           apineda@coconino.az.gov 

Call 928-774-1414 to report stolen bicycles. You may also make an appointment to view abandoned bikes received by the Evidence Section.