Water Resources & Conservation Staff

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Cara Corbin - Water Conservation Aide aka Rain Barrel Empress

Cara moved to Flagstaff in 2010 to get her Masters degree in Sustainable Communities from NAU. Since that time, she has worked on a variety of sustainable initiatives from local food systems to renewable energy. She currently works for the City of Flagstaff Water Conservation Program conducting outreach for the Water Wise Business Program and she is spearheading the program to convert empty barrels into rainwater catchment receptacles. 
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Laura Garcia - Water Conservation Aide aka Groundwater Gaurdian

Laura just graduated from NAU, with an Environmental Engineering degree. In her previous role as an intern with the Water Resource Manager, Laura learned about technical and administrative functions of the job and she was in charge of selecting and deploying water level monitoring equipment for wells in the Lake Mary Watershed, she assisted with developing outreach materials, and she provided project management support. Laura now works for the City as a Water Conservation Aide where she assists in monitoring actual conservation results following program implementation – such as the rebate and water check-up programs. Her latest project involves re-purposing empty barrels for rainwater harvesting containers. She is working with Bob this summer to help enforce Flagstaff's watering code around town. 

Audrey Kruse - Water Conservation Specialist aka Water Wookie

Audrey started as the Water Conservation Specialist for the City of Flagstaff Water Services Division in January 2018. In this role, she manages and develops outreach programs and initiatives to help citizens, businesses, schools, and tourists use water wisely. She has a BA in Anthropology from The George Washington University and an MS in Environmental Sciences and Policy from NAU. She previously taught high school environmental science and ecology classes in New York and Colorado. Alongside her work with the City of Flagstaff, Audrey has a background in experiential education and instructs wilderness medicine courses. Audrey is passionate about rock climbing, golden retrievers, pie baking (and eating), and science puns. 

Tamara Lawless - Water Conservation Manager aka Conservation Pirate

Tamara has been with the City of Flagstaff since 2013, working on Water Conservation and Sustainability. She currently manages the Water Conservation Program staff, policies, rebate programs and public outreach events. Her passion for the environmental field was sparked in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin where she earned a B.S. in Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin Madison. She also holds an M.S. in Environmental Education from the Expedition Education Institute and a Ph.D. in Sustainability from Arizona State University.  As her appetite for adventure sometimes gets carried away, she can often be found wearing a cast or brace on one or more of her limbs.

Shannon Maho - Water Conservation Aide aka Water Saving Warrior

Shannon has lived in Flagstaff for over 20 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and recently completed the Sustainable Green Building and Alternative Energy program at Coconino Community College. She has worked with the County’s Sustainable Building Program as an intern through AmeriCorps and she currently works with the City’s Water Conservation Program conducting water check-ups for Flagstaff residents to help them find ways to conserve water in their homes.
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Bob Rukavina - Water Conservation Enforcement Officer aka GTO

Bob has served as a water conversation aide with Flagstaff’s Water Services Department since 2014. In his position, he enjoys educating Flagstaff’s citizens about the City’s water conversation efforts which include policy enforcement and implementation of water conservation incentive programs. He appreciates the opportunity to work outdoors, discuss water conservation, and help preserve our community’s water resources.
Since 1976 Bob has worked in various water resource fields including water treatment, wastewater treatment, and water reclamation, as well as having coordinated numerous projects with public utilities and governmental agencies in Minnesota and Arizona. In his current position with Flagstaff, Bob brings a strong history of water resource management.

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Madeleine Stoll - Water Conservation Officer

Madeleine is currently a student at NAU pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Engineering. Having grown up in Tucson, she understands the importance of conserving our precious water resources. Prior to her position with the City of Flagstaff, she worked at Pima County Natural Resources. There she learned about properly managing our natural resources, and how to balance the water needs of community members and those of the surrounding ecosystem. In her current position as Water Conservation Enforcement Officer, she hopes to use her growing knowledge about water resources to incite positive change in the Flagstaff community.


Erin Young - Water Resources Manager

Erin Young, the Water Resources Manager for the City of Flagstaff, oversees the Water Resources Section of Water Services. Her work includes managing all aspects of water supply from water demand accounting and demand forecasting to monitoring water supplies, developing new water supplies, and securing water rights for the City. Water conservation is an essential part of Flagstaff's water management plan, and Erin oversees the Water Conservation Program. This program focuses efforts on public outreach and education, watering code enforcement, water efficient homes and businesses, municipal facility water efficiency, water system leak detection, and non-revenue water tracking.

Erin holds a B.S. in Geology from Arizona State University (2000) and an M.S. in Geology from Northern Arizona University (2006). In her studies as an undergraduate, she focused on structural geology and geomorphology, learning through extensive field projects across Arizona, visits to the San Andreas fault in California, and in working with graduate students and other scientists in Sweden and Kyrgyzstan. Her master's work at NAU was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Abe Springer, at sites located at the Camp Navajo Army Depot in Bellemont, Arizona. For her research, she investigated the potential for frost heave of buried unexploded ordnance within a protected area of the Depot. Before starting her career with the City in 2013, Erin had spent 11 years working as a hydrologist for hydrogeological consulting firms where she focused mostly on groundwater development and recharge projects and regulatory permitting assistance under numerous ADWR and ADEQ programs. Erin is a registered geologist in Arizona (AZ Reg. No. 49661).

In her free time (free time?) Erin is a mom and plays hockey in several adult leagues and recently started playing tennis. Born and raised in Minnesota, she still enjoys cross-country and downhill skiing and water sports. A big fan of Northern Arizona Trail Runners and local trail races, running in far away unique places has become a goal. Erin ran the Hopi Paatuwaqatsi Water is Life 10 mile run in 2016, the 100-year celebration of Hopi Olympian Louis Tewanima 10K in 2012, and she’s made it up and over Imogene Pass for a couple races. Erin traveled to Cape Town, South Africa, in January 2018, with her 7-year-old daughter. The experience of the water crisis was surreal and ever solidified the tenants of water management in Erin's work for Flagstaff.