Human Resources

Mission Statement

The mission of the Human Resources Division is to foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, equity and transparency.

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

HR News

Welcome to the HR news page.  Check back frequently for the most recent updates.  Have a topic you would like for us to address? Email us at

New Hires / Promotions / Transfers / Reassignments

Congratulations to these Team Flagstaff employees!

November 2021

  • Samantha Victor - Community Engagement Specialist
  • Elizabeth Johnson - Recreation Coordinator I - Events & Marketing
  • Nadiene Quezada - IT Analyst
  • Christopher Denham - Fire Engineer
  • Robert Romero - Fire Captain Paramedic
  • Holley Neznek - Payroll Clerk
  • Caleb McFarlin - Police Aide
  • David Landavazo - Water Services Operator
  • Gabrielle Ketchum - Police Emergency Communications Specialist
  • Paul Lasiewicki - Deputy Police Chief-Operations
  • Timothy Stine - Maintenance Worker II
  • Andrew Hulls  - Buyer - Fleet Services
  • Rowdy Smith - Equipment Operator 1 - Collections 
  • Tanya Morgan - Administrative Assistant - Landfill 
  • Alec Walsh - Housing Services Specialist – Section 8 
  • Anniemarie Tisi - Administrative Specialist-City Clerk’s Office 
  • Samuel Beckett - Public Works Director - Streets
  • Janice Hakala - Code Compliance Officer II
  • Gary Miller - Water Services Engineering Section Director 
  • Seth Hunt - Firefighter
  • Kyle Wilson - Firefighter
  • Aaron Corbiere - Firefighter
  • Eric Altheide - Firefighter
  • Christian Todd - Firefighter
  • Nathaniel Keyes - Firefighter
  • Adam Webster - Firefighter
  • Eric Rendon - Firefighter
  • Christopher Peach - Firefighter
  • Lucas Trotter - Firefighter
  • Daniel Crystal - Firefighter
  • Levi Daulton - Firefighter Paramedic
  • Jenna Ortega - Climate Engagement Coordinator
  • Sean Miller - Police Emergency Communications Specialist 
  • Stephanie Vaughn - Parking Aide Lead
  • Jordan Lang - Police Officer
  • Christopher Cordova - Police Records Technician
  • Tammy Truman - Police Records Technician
  • Donya Dalton - Police Emergency Communications Specialist 
  • Maria Robinson - Risk Management Director
  • David Lemcke - Transportation Engineer Associate
  • Sean Modrak - Court Assistant
  • George Urrea - Parks Maintenance Worker

Service Awards

Please congratulate these Team Flagstaff employees for their extended service to our community!

November Anniversaries

Mark D Cesare15 Year
Martin D Collins5 Year
Nancy J Dauwen5 Year
Kurt E Novy15 Year
Christina A Parry5 Year
Jacqueline N Richwine10 Year
Brenda J Sessions10 Year
Justin T Staskey5 Year
Chase T Stoneberger5 Year
Katherine G Williams5 Year
Michael J Worley5 Year


Did you know that if your Vera provider orders lab work for you that is completed in house at Vera, there is no charge for the lab draw? There is no charge to the patient and it is not billed through insurance, Vera covers the cost!

ICMA-RC changed their name this summer, they are now MissionSquare Retirement.  Here is a flyer explaining their name change and a frequently asked questions flyer here.


Make sure you don't miss all the great information in this month's NAPEBT wellness newsletter or this new list of NAPEBT wellness resources (PDF) including one-on-one coaching options, fitness, and other resources! For even more information, visit the The NAPEBT Wellness website which has been updated and has a new look. Watch a video tutorial on how to navigate the site and enter your points.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Effective May 1, 2021, Jorgensen Brooks Group [JBG] became a division of La Frontera of Arizona.  Both are well-established vendors of mental health and substance abuse services, with La Frontera including suicide education and prevention, affordable housing, and community behavioral health centers in its services. Contact for services remain the same: 888-520-5400.

Download the Jorgensen Brooks EAP / Assist app for easy access to many resources for parenting, addiction, mental health, financial well-being and much more! JGB App Flyer

Tips for signing up: 

  • Phone number format: xxx-xx-xxxx
  • Employer Number: City of Flagstaff
  • Password: JGB

Access this month's online seminar, enter the code "COF", and scroll down to Online Seminar.


To fill a vacancy, complete the Requisition in NEOGOV.  Contact a member of the Recruitment Team for assistance.  View directions for completing the Requisition (PDF).

Performance Management

Evaluations are now being completed through NEOGOV Perform.  

Class & Comp

Personnel Request Forms for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 have been posted in the Classification Tab. FY23 requests are due to the Human Resources by January 3, 2022. 

Merits: 3% merit increases were approved for FY 2021-2022 for the Regular pay plan.  Police and Fire public safety personnel in Step Plans are also approved for merit step increases.  Eligibility for a merit increase is contingent upon receiving an overall performance evaluation rating of 2 or higher.  

Further Information

Please email Jessica Vigorito if you have any questions.