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New Hires/Promotions

Congratulations to these Team Flagstaff employees!

August 2020

Zackary Brito - Equipment Operator - Collections

Charles Perkins - Equipment Operator - Landfill

Christopher Alvarez - Equipment Operator - Collections

Maria Gluvna - Administrative Specialist - Records

Bryce Doty - Real Estate Manager

Chad Smith - Promotion to Police Support Services Manager

Service Awards

Please congratulate these Team Flagstaff employees for their extended service to our community!
James Huchel August 3rd 5 years
Stacy Matteson August 3rd 5 years
Thomas Chotena August 6th 30 years
Ryan Watkins August 14th 15 years
Matthew Smyers August 14th 15 years
Matthew Howell August 14th 15 years
Melissa Seay August 14th 20 years
Robert Oberly August 14th 15 years
Barney Helmick August 23rd 10 years
Daniel White August 23rd 10 years
Kristina Barnett August 23rd 15 years
Michael King August 23rd 10 years
Teresa Lintner August 27th 20 years
Jolene Montoya August 28th 15 years


Click here for a information sheet about making Qualifying Life Event Changes to your benefits and FSA deadlines during the COVID pandemic.


Make sure you don't miss all the great information in this month's NAPEBT wellness newsletter or this new list of NAPEBT wellness resources including one-on-one coaching options, fitness, and other resources!  And for even more information, visit the The NAPEBT Wellness website which has been updated and has a new look.  Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to navigate the site and enter your points.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Access this month's online seminar HERE, enter the code "COF", and scroll down to Online Seminar.

Our provider, Jorgenson Brooks Group has provided a number of resources related to COVID-19 which are available below.  

National poll results about COVID's impact on employees, click here.

Budgeting in Uncertain Times
Cancelled by COVID-19: Managing Disappointment
Couples and COVID-19
Managing Anxiety While in Quarantine
Managing Your Team After COVID-19
Maintaining Composure During COVID-19
Supplementing Organizational Recovery Tips for Managers


NEOGOV's online requisition has replaced the Vacancy Request Form (VRF).  Once your position has been approved to fill by the Budget Team, a member of the Recruitment Team will contact you to set up an appointment.  Directions for completing the Requisition may be found here

Performance Management

Halogen has officially closed.  Until our new performance management system begins, fillable evaluations (available here) should be completed electronically and submitted to  

Class and Comp

NEW and IMPROVED Job Descriptions Webpage

With the implementation of NEOGOV we can now maintain job descriptions through the Class Specifications portion of the software.  Class specs are used in the creation of job postings and are referenced during an employee’s evaluation when they are asked whether or not their job description needs updating. The class spec includes class code (position control number) and title, salary values, FLSA status, EEO values and other pertinent information relating to the classification. A detailed set of job description fields are also maintained, including a summary of the job classification, detailed listing of job duties, minimum requirements and knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job classification. To access the new Class Specs page, you can use this link or if you go to the HR website and click on Job Descriptions, you will be automatically rerouted to the NEOGOV class specs page!  The terms Job Descriptions and Class Specs can be used interchangeably so if you wish to continue using the term Job Descriptions we understand.  Please note that some positions have what we refer to as a “working job description”. These were also added to the Class Specs page so every employee can view their current job description.  An example of this is Administrative Specialist – Airport and Administrative Specialist are both listed on the page so the Administrative Specialist for the Airport will use the “working job description” which is Administrative Specialist – Airport.
Please e-mail Jessica Foos if you have any questions.