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New Hires/Promotions

Service Awards

Please congratulate these Team Flagstaff employees for their extended service to our community!
Brad Conway July 2nd 20 years
Justyna Costa July 11th 15 years
Matthew Thompson July 12th 10 years
Louis Garcia July 17th 15 years
Cherie Schierl July 26th 20 years
Hans Walch July 27th 5 years
Cathy Guetschow July 31st 15 years

Comp Study Update


Changes made during Open Enrollment went into effect on 7/1/2020.  Please remember to double check the deductions on your paycheck.

The NAPEBT Trust recently met to review and discuss strategic priorities for the future.  In June, the NAPEBT Benefits Committee interviewed two disability vendors through an RFP process.  A determination is yet to be made on both of these items.


Access this month's online seminar HERE, enter the code "COF", and scroll down to Online Seminar.

Employee Development


Soon you will have the ability to electronically submit your Requisition (aka Vacancy Request Form) through NEOGOV.  Watch for more details!

Performance Management

Halogen has officially closed.  Until our new performance management system begins, fillable evaluations (available here) should be completed electronically and submitted to