Solid Waste


Solid Waste plans, implements, coordinates and directs programs for the collection of trash. Additionally, our program oversees and directs the disposal of non-recyclable solid waste at the Cinder Lake Landfill in compliance with all regulations.

We ensure that all federal, state, and local mandates relating to waste management are met in an efficient and financially sound manner. The division also works to meet the City's long-term needs by creating cutting-edge waste diversion practices such as:

  • Effective recycling options
  • Environmentally sound landfill management
  • Reuse options
  • Source and waste reduction

Solid Waste Plan

The City of Flagstaff Solid Waste Section (Solid Waste) has created a Solid Waste Management Plan (SWP), that will provide policy and program direction for the next decade. This section provides the community with a general overview of the existing Solid Waste program, with future considerations for development and growth.

Cinder Lake Landfill

For information regarding Household Hazardous Waste, please visit the Hazardous Products Center (HPC) main page.

Collection Services

Waste Diversion

In an effort to better prepare for changes in the waste and recycling landscape in the City of Flagstaff, as well as most effectively reduce the impact of the community’s waste and material consumption, City staff have created the Rethink Waste Plan to guide future efforts.  

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Contact Information

  • Contact our Customer Service for info on trash and recycling collection, billing questions, and/or service requests.
  • Businesses with special request-for-service calls over the weekend please call the Cinder Lake Landfill for assistance.
  • View the Collection Services Staff Directory.
  • For more information about waste reduction and recycling  Sustainability Office's Rethink Waste website.