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June 30, 2022 2:36 PM

Monsoon Flooding in the Museum Flood Area

Flash flooding and mud/debris flows are possible throughout the 2022 summer monsoon season in Mt-Elden Estates, Paradise, Grandview, Sunnyside, and other areas downstream of the Museum Fire Scar Area. Flash flooding and mud/debris flows can be deadly and cause serious damage to property and infrastructure. They can also appear with little or no warning.

Here's what you can do to stay safe during a flood:

• Avoid areas subject to flooding like washes and drainage basins
• If flooding occurs or may occur, seek high ground
• DO NOT attempt to walk across or drive through floodwaters
• If water rises in your home before you can safely evacuate, go to the top floor, attic, or roof
• Turn off all utilities at the main power switch and close the main gas valve if advised to do so
• Do not touch or play in floodwaters or slide debris. If you come in contact with floodwaters, wash with soap and clean water
For more information, please visit museumfloodprojects.com

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