Mayor & Council


211 W Aspen Avenue
Flagstaff, AZ 86001


Link: Mayor and City Council Page

Email communication is the quickest method to reach Council and staff during this pandemic.
Council does not have set office hours; please email or call to request a meeting

To request an appointment with the Mayor, call Shawn Johnson at 928-213-2065 or email Shawn Johnson.

To request an appointment with the Vice Mayor or Councilmembers, call Jason Cook at 928-213-2015 or email Jason Cook.

For general media requests call Jessica Drum at 928-213-2061 or email Jessica Drum.

Name Title Email Phone
Aslan, Austin Councilmember (928) 213-2015
Cook, Jason Executive Assistant (928) 213-2015
Daggett, Becky Vice-Mayor (928) 213-2015
Deasy, Paul Mayor (928) 213-2065
Drum, Jessica Public Affairs Director (928) 213-2061
Johnson, Shawn Mayor's Chief of Staff (928) 213-2065
McCarthy, Jim Councilmember (928) 213-2015
Salas, Regina Councilmember (928) 213-2015
Shimoni, Adam Councilmember (928) 213-2015
Sweet, Miranda Councilmember (928) 213-2015