What is the Zoning Code and its primary purpose?

The Zoning Code works in conjunction with other regulations of the City Code. These regulations include:


The Flagstaff Zoning Code (the "Zoning Code") has many purposes. The primary purpose of the Zoning Code’s specific regulations is to:

  • Provide the tools, regulations and incentives to implement the related Regional Plan’s and Specific Plans’ goals, policies and strategies as they related to the land use, development, growth, preservation and conservation of land within the City.
  • Minimize the impact of incompatible land use and development patterns.
  • Examples include, locating low impact recreational uses (trails, parks, open space, etc.) near residential areas, and separating industrial, high traffic and intensive land uses away from residential neighborhoods. The Zoning Code also encourages complementary uses and intensity nearer to each other.
  • Conserve and protect environmental and historic resources.
  • Assist with the environmental, social and economic sustainability of City.
  • Encourage context compatible and environmentally sensitive design to preserve the character of the City.

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