What do you mean, “Preference”?

We give preference to those who live or work in Flagstaff. If you do not have a residency preference, you will have an indeterminate wait and may never near the top of the waiting list. Your residency preference status on the Waiting List is based on whether your primary residence is in Flagstaff, an adult household member works or is self-employed at least twenty hours a week in Flagstaff, or an adult household member has an offer of work in Flagstaff. If this changes for you it may change your position on the waiting list once you report. 

For one-bedroom units, there is an additional preference for seniors (people of 62 years or older), people with one or more disabilities, or both.

If your situation changes, please update your information through the applicant portal. Your preference status can change while you’re on the waiting list. 

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1. Low Income Public Housing Frequently Asked Questions
2. How will I know if I am on the Waiting List or not?
3. What is my status or number on the Waiting List?
4. I am already on the Low Income Public Housing Waiting List; how do I apply for Section 8?
5. What are the steps for receiving public housing? When will I receive a unit? What does the screening process include?
6. Do you have any emergency housing options available?
7. Can you expedite my application due to my circumstances?
8. What do you mean, “Preference”?
9. I applied and have not received a letter or a phone call.
10. After I apply, why does it take so long to receive assistance?
11. Why should I update my application?
12. How do I change my address or phone number, add another household member, or update my income?
13. If I have a felony will that automatically make me ineligible? What about rental history or other criminal activity?
14. What size of home can I apply for?
15. My family includes citizens and/or permanent resident non-citizens. My family also includes non-citizens who are not Permanent Residents. Are we still eligible for Section 8/Low-Income Public Housing?
16. I have been removed. What can I do?
17. I have been denied. What can I do?
18. How will I know how much rent I will be responsible for?
19. Where are the homes I can rent?
20. I have been discriminated against in my search for housing. What can I do?