How was my fee calculated?

The total reimbursement amount of the sewer main construction was divided proportionately based on the total area of each benefitting parcel, which also included Fort Tuthill Park. The total benefitting area was determined through an engineering analysis based on topography of the area. Each benefitting parcel has a calculated percentage of that total area, and that percentage is multiplied times the total cost of the total reimbursement amount. The larger a parcel is, the higher their percentage is of the total benefitting area, and the higher their reimbursement payment is.

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1. Why am I receiving this fee notice?
2. What is a reimbursement/recapture agreement?
3. What was the total cost of construction of the sewer main?
4. How was my fee calculated?
5. Why do I need to pay a fee, and do I need to connect to the new sewer?
6. Do I need to connect to the new sewer main?
7. How do I pay my fee today?
8. Is this part of the hospital development?
9. If I don’t tie in will I need to pay in the future?
10. Does this impact my drinking water source?
11. When is the payment due?
12. How can the City or County require this fee?
13. Once connected to City sewer services, will I receive a monthly bill for this service?