• Woman and Man Laughing Holding Plates
  • Crowd Walks onto Baseball Diamond
  • People Waitin the Dugout
  • Man Stand Up to Bat
  • Woman Kicks Ball at Home Plate
  • People Participate in Kickball Game
  • Man and Woman Prepare Meat for Barbecue
  • Woman Smiling and Holding Plate with Hotdog
  • Group of People Eating and Sitting on Bleachers
  • Two Women Sit Together on Bleachers
  • People Stand Underneath Parks and Recreation Tent
  • Man and Woman Stand and Show Off Water Bottle Table
  • Two Women Stand Together in Front of Team Flagstaff Banner
  • Woman Stands at Team Flagstaff Tent and Table
  • Team Flagstaff Cake
  • Team Flagstaff Banner on Chainlink Fence

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