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1. Who do I call if I have questions?
2. How do I obtain a Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax License or a Business License?
3. What is the current tax rate for the City of Flagstaff for most business categories?
4. What methods are available for paying my City tax?
5. Which city has nexus if I have a home-based business in Flagstaff but sell my products in other cities?
6. I have a business that is located out-of-state but I have customers in Flagstaff. How do I remit the tax to Flagstaff?
7. I have a home-based business in Flagstaff and all my sales are generated through the Internet. How do I determine the tax rate to charge?
8. The corporate office is located out-of-state but has a retail location in Phoenix and Flagstaff. What tax rate do we charge for Internet sales to customers in Arizona?
9. How long am I required to keep my business records?